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About Us


Our journey started a little over 14 years ago right after James and Jacque were married. James was involved in a horrific work accident while working as a mechanic for an irrigation company outside of Nashville. He was attempting to repair a hydraulic machine when he was accidently pinned within the hydraulics leaving his back broken in two different places. It didn’t take us long to realize that the pain medication provided by his physicians was not good for his injury, mind, or recovery. We quickly started to research alternative medicines and discovered the amazing benefits the cannabis plant had to offer. Unfortunately all forms of cannabis were not allowed in TN at that time so we had to think outside of the box. Without hesitation James went out to the west and started to learn as much as he could. He was able to work hands on in the cultivation process and studied how to utilize cannabis on a mass and medicinal scale.

In 2018 The Farm Bill was passed making hemp federally legal in all 50 states. It was at that time we applied with the state of TN for our license and Canna Pham Farm was born. We pride ourselves in being a true farm to table company in which we grow, cultivate, and create all of our products using our harvest. We are licensed and tested by the state of TN as well as additional third party testing. We truly believe in the healing power of Full Spectrum CBD and are eager to share our knowledge and love for this plant with you!

Thank you so much for visiting our online store and we look forward to helping you!